401(Grey) Investor

Ronda and Dave Pitts
In memory of Fran

Foster Family

Sarah & Todd Norris

Rachel Adler & Abby Kinney

Friday September 22, 2017

Wednesday September 20, 2017

Wiggle on the right watching TV and enjoying some ear twirls.

When the bed is too far away from the owner...


Watching us make dinner gets so tiring.

Tuesday September 19, 2017

Ears up!!! Wiggle is a curious little girl but this is the extent of her interest when it comes to squirrels or rabbits....

Still getting used to grass....

Wiggle LOVES her stuffies.

Big moment over here as the two foster siblings decided to share a bed....well Wiggle decided for them rather...

Thursday August 24, 2017

Wiggle is a sweet and so far very gentle girl. She loves to explore the house, goes in to her crate easily, and walks great on the leash. Little does she know, her [much bigger] foster brother, Liam, has had the house to himself for the last 2 years. They are sharing the space very well and dare I say enjoying each other.

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