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Keith & Stacey Kuboske

Keith & Stacey Kuboske

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Sunday April 25, 2021

Easy like Sunday mornings

I’d love to join you for Sunday morning laziness. My foster family says I’m the sweetest hound and I love to be nearby. I’m looking better and getting stronger every day. I’m ready to settle in to my forever home. I love all ages, I’m gentle, and there’s not one ounce of anxiety in my body. 100% love. ❤️

Tuesday April 20, 2021

I’ve got two jobs....

...Gaining weight and making friends. I’m awesome at both! I got good news today that I’ve gained a pound since Friday! At this rate, I’ll be back to my normal weight before you know it.

Friday April 16, 2021

Making good steps forward

In the past week since I joined my foster family, I’ve gained a couple pounds and lost some age. How about that? I’m actually ONLY 11 1/2 years old, so please don’t call me 12 yet!

I have some medicine now that helps with my mouth pain since I am not ready for a dental. I’m happier and ready to find my home. I love all people, adults and children. I easily fit in with two hounds in my foster family, and can do short flights of stairs to get in and out of the house.

I love to be nearby and gaze lovingly at you.

I’m ready for a nap after a trip to the vet for my good news!

Wednesday April 14, 2021

I love a good pack nap.

Do you have a greyhound who needs a nap buddy? Don’t worry- my buddy Joe has his own bed, he’s just choosing to be nosy.

Monday April 12, 2021

Some good health news, and TOYS!

I got some good news from the vet today. I am parasite-free, and my numbers for kidney function are trending better. I’m here upping my calories and learning the rules here (unlimited toys, but NO trash can digging- don’t ask how I unlocked the can- I don’t reveal my secrets). Today I picked out a toy for the first time since I arrived and romped around with it a bit before lying on it to rest.

How would you like for me to greet you like this when you get home? I’m so loving. I am an expert leaner.

Monday April 12, 2021

Working from home is awesome.

I love lying nearby as my foster parents work. Bonus is I always have a buddy or two at paw’s length. I don’t like it when my foster siblings go on a walk without me (I’m not up to big walks). I worry at the window the whole time.

Sunday April 11, 2021

Scampering today!

So many updates today, but what a difference a day makes! He’s scampering in the backyard with our hounds. We see frisky as a good sign for this sweet boy.

I also make a fine head rest for resident hound Joe. 💙 Joe likes to be near me and rest his head on me. We are fast friends.

Here I am with spunky resident hound Disco Diva who gets me in the scampering mood with her antics.

Sunday April 11, 2021

Look at my handsome face! ❤️

I have the sweetest face with a floppy ear.

Sunday April 11, 2021

First night in our home was easy!

Sirius came to us yesterday afternoon, and by the evening he was settled in calmly with our resident hounds. While we await more information on his medical needs, he loves to come over for snuggles, and loves to lean on me with resident hound Joe making a Sirius sandwich. We have two young boys, ages 5 and 9, and he has shown absolutely no signs of fear, possessiveness, any signs of concern whatsoever with our children or our hounds. He could easily live in a home with kind, gentle children.

He will immediately come over for snuggles when you say his name.

Snoozing during our dinner time.

Wednesday April 7, 2021

I'm what they call a tuxedo hound...black all over except for a touch of white on my chest. I think my gray accents makes me look distinguished, don't you? I still like the ladies and enjoy a leisurely stroll around the backyard.

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