401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Brandy Shedd

Monday August 14, 2017

Bruce Bruce!

Hello everyone this is Bruce. He is a handsome young fella. So far he has been great. He crates well with a small treat for encouragement. He does get noisy after he eats and wants to be out of his kennel. He sleeps by my bed at night and sleeps well through the night and the best part is you don't need to set an alarm because he will wake you up at 6 am so he can go out. Lol he obviously has settled in and is comfortable with my small dog. He has spent some time with my cat and has done well. He does well with hardwood floors and stairs. No bad manners or behaviors thus far. He does got out in the fenced yard and do his business but needs to be watched to make sure he completes it or he may have an accident inside right after. I think it's because my dogs finish and he just follows the leader.

Here we are competing for attention. Bruce is very sweet but not too needy. He does get a little timid at times. Raising your voice makes him a little nervous. He will go lay down. We will try the vacuum and see how he does with that noise this week.

Bruce is doing well. He is getting along with all his new friends. He does require space while he's laying down. He will growl if one of the other dogs get too close while he's resting but as you can see below he's gotten better. He may grow out of this and become more comfortable.

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