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Tuesday August 22, 2017

Couple of friends

Was it the eclipse or just a good breakfast, not sure, but a nap just sounded like the right thing to do. Yawn....I like being retired. Just waiting for my forever family to find me...in the meantime this is good living.

Monday August 21, 2017


Couple is good to go into her crate for a nap. We leave the door open and she just goes in when she wants to.

Another nap after the eclipse. It was an exciting day.

Monday August 21, 2017

Good morning

Have you decided yet that you need to take me home? I am still waiting with my paws crossed that you pick me. I can do stairs, up and down. I go to the door when I need to go out, if you have some stuffed toys, I can put them by my bed to keep them safe. I don't like the vacuum, so please don't ask me to do housework. However, if you drop any food on the floor, I will clean it right up. I am a helper dog. I will just wait here with my nice foster family till you decide. So, have a good day today.

Sunday August 20, 2017

Hey toss me a pillow

The porch is a nice place to take a nap.

Catching a Couple of sun rays to keep my beautiful tan.

Look the neighbor dogs and little girl is outside. Gotta run to the fence to say hello!

Saturday August 19, 2017

A Couple more inches

After sitting on the front porch watching people walk by, she figured that if foster dad moved his chair then she can walk too. Couple loves her walks.

Thursday August 17, 2017

Kongs are yummy

Peanut butter and Kongs....best treat EVER!

Thursday August 17, 2017


Look at that happy face.....

Thursday August 17, 2017

A Couple of busy days

Couple has been been taking every toy out of the toy box and moving them to the bedroom..1 at a time.

She even found a chew and decided everything she needs she surrounded herself with....except her forever home. She can show you a Couple of good reasons to adopt her. She loves pets, ear scratches, walks in the mornings, running in the yard, drinking from the water fountain on the porch, long naps, and walks in the cool evenings. She loves breakfast, snacks and dinner. Flying kisses are pretty sweet if you are not paying attention. Did I mention peanut butter in a Kong.....?

Wednesday August 16, 2017

Stuffed animals

Couple loves stuffed animals. As you can see, she even likes to sleep with them.

Stairs....No problem. She can go up and down now. Great job Couple.

Tuesday August 15, 2017

A Couple of interesting items

Hmmm wonder what this coaster tastes like....nothing....next...

A chew treat....better than the coaster...hey, what time is dinner?

Monday August 14, 2017


Look who found the slumber ball. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!

I just shook the stuffing outta this and it's still squeaking.

What mama??? Just send the maid in to clean this mess up....what? You're the maid? Hmmmm, sorry, but it won't quit making noise when I shake it.

Sunday August 13, 2017

Finders keepers

After a good breakfast and a nice run in the yard, Couple found a bone left by another hound. Off she ran to enjoy it in the yard, where no one can find it. Oops, they found it. Time to share.

Saturday August 12, 2017

After 1st Meet n greet

This little girl is exhausted.....nap time.

Saturday August 12, 2017

Meet n Greet

Couple is on her way to her 1st Meet n Greet. She is enjoying the car ride. Perhaps she will meet her new family today.

Friday August 11, 2017

A Couple pics

Look at this sweet face.....she is looking for her furever home.

Exhausted after moving the toys from the toy box to her bed. Zzzzzzz

Friday August 11, 2017

A Couple of new friends

On our walk this evening Couple met a couple of new friends. She likes attention and Miss Chloe was willing to give her some love.

Friday August 11, 2017


It is a hard choice...so, one by one they go from the living room to the bedroom. She just likes to carry them around.

This little stuffed animal was taken outside.

Friday August 11, 2017


Going up the stairs....no problem. Coming down is risky, but with a little coaching she made it. Good girl. ... Now let's go outside....what???? more steps, oh her. Here we go again.

Enjoying watching the sprinklers in the yard. Fascinating.

Wednesday August 9, 2017

Couple gets photo bombed

So last night I met a cute little girl person. Foster mom wants a pic of the two of us and then Meg got in the pic....look how good looking we are.

I made a Couple of new friends last night at Foster mom's Pampered Chef Party (whatever that is) Good smells from that kitchen, but I was good, no surfing or snatching food. 7Lots of ladies and laughing. I got my share of ear scratches and headed off to the bedroom for quiet and a nap. But, they found me and loved on my some more. Hmmm, this is really nice.

Tuesday August 8, 2017

My little friend

My new foster sister is a little blind Bichon. She and l like to walk together. Usually we are out front but somehow we got in the back of these other hounds....look out, we are about to pass you on the left.

Meeting some neighbors and introduced myself. This walking in the neighborhood is awesome. Lots of pets and ear scratches.

After my breakfast I needed a rest. Full belly and ran out in the yard. Getting ready for a morning walk. Yay!

Sunday August 6, 2017

I really like my new yard!!

I'm liking the grass! Rolling around on it feels good! There are plenty of squirrels to chase too.

Day 2 !

Love the yard. Making progress on the stairs.

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