401(Grey) Investor

Foster Family

Andra & Glenn Crandell

Monday August 7, 2017

Loving retirement life

Single female looking for a family to love. Recently relocated to middle TN and looking for a home. My interests include running, taking long naps and I love people. I have a slender build, red hair and a vivacious personality. If interested please contact GPA-Nashville and ask to see Ming. Looking forward to meeting you.

I have greyt ears.

My foster mom keeps taking my picture. ugh :)

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Hey ya'll. Ming here. Been here 4 days and doing well settling into retirement. Excited when my foster mom gets home from work. I run up and down the hallway and then dash to the mirror to look at my reflection. Who is that pretty girl? Is she me? Foster mom loves on me and gives me a treat for being so good (love my treats). I crate well during the day. Learning how to walk down stairs. Still needs work – I tend to leap off when I get close to the bottom. I sleep through the night and have not had any "accidents" in the house. I can do my business on and off leash. Most importantly, I understand the word “no” 😊

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