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Sunday July 9, 2017

Sheldon Loves Stuffies!

Wednesday May 24, 2017

Me and My Little Buddy

I think Sheldon has a buddy. He and our whippet, Zak, chill together periodically. He gets along very well with our resident hounds. He also likes to watch the chickens and goats from afar. He has mastered the stairs up and down the deck, walks well on a leash and is beginning to learn the "stay" command. We are working on going in the crate when he's told to. I think with a few more treats, he'll master that as well. He is sleeping very well through the night too. He's a very handsome boy who is eager to please.

Saturday May 20, 2017

Me & the Hedgehog

I like him the best so far.

Saturday May 20, 2017

Hello, Nashville!

Sheldon here! Whew, I'm tuckered after that long haul from the hot state. At this foster home, I've checked out the neighborhood and met a cute mixed-breed girl that I think I'd like to hang out with again. I happily wag my tail at any human who wants to say hi, and I think I'd like to say hi to all the other animals too. But foster mom says I have to leave the cats and small dogs alone. I sure can focus on them and any weird noises. So far I like looking out the window at anything going on and dinner time. Oh, and the honky hedgehog. Since I was in a foster home for a few weeks back in that hot state, this is not too new to me. I think I'm going to like retirement just fine.

I thought about tackling the stairs to follow foster mom, but then thought against it. Foster mom says that's okay and we'll work up to it. I've gone into my crate a couple of times upon gentle leading, but I much prefer this cozy spot by the window. Oh, and the storm/rain didn't really bother me today. I even did some potty business in a light drizzle.

Check back with you later after many more zzzz's.

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