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Sunday May 7, 2017

Wicki at 100 Oaks

Made my Meet and Greet debut yesterday at 100 Oaks and I think it went pretty well. Got along with all the other dogs, including those teeny human pups. Really liked the bigger human pups. I'm pretty sure they could have petted me all day and it would have been fine with everyone. Loved being donation dog...people kept putting stuff in my vest pockets.

Ben Engle, who held my leash, kept us really busy meeting and greeting. He even made up a joke for me. "Do you want to go outside? We sure don't want any Wicki leaks." The humans thought it was really funny. Us hounds were more interested in the blueberry-favored dog treats.

Wednesday May 3, 2017

Greetings from Miss Wicki

Hi, I'm Wicki. After being in a home for almost a year, there have been lots of changes in my life lately. I got returned on April 27, then I went into a foster home, then a long car ride with strange dogs. Now I'm in Nashville. What's up with all that? I thought when I retired from racing all the moving around was over.

For now, things are going okay. I'm just trying to figure out what's next. For now, my strategy is to be very quiet and obedient and to get along with the other hounds and the cat. So far, so good. I love it that I have a crate to go to in a quiet room. Did I tell you the bedding's nice and soft and there's a ceiling fan and a window open nearby? It's early days, but I think things are beginning to look up.

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