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Wednesday May 3, 2017


So Phoenix or pheni, as I call her when we're playing, is awesome on lead. She doesn't pull until she sees something. The other day it was very windy and there is a lot of construction around my house so she was on high alert for any movement. Once she she's a bird or rabbit she will perk up and pull. A swift no and pulling her away from the distraction and she settles back down.

Here she is guarding the door with my hounds. Lord knows they need to let me know if someone is walking past our house. Pheonix is bad around doors. She has to be watched. I can tell my dogs no and they will stay put but she tries to bolt. We are working on it though.

I seriously don't know what it is about my rug in the kitchen. Any time I'm in there cooking she sniffs around for a minute, I tell her no, and she just plops on the rug. She refuses to move!

Friday April 21, 2017

She just gets cuter

She picked out her own toy and was very excited about it.

Our visit to the pet store wasn't complete til we found the ferrets.

Monday March 13, 2017

Goof ball

This pretty girl was checking herself out. Still looking slim and trim. She is learning her manners around the house. She knows no. She still loves toys and even played a little tug-a-war with Bear the other day. They just growled at each other to try to get the toy but no snipping.

This is her after our evening walk. She is pretty good on lead. She will pull if she sees a bunny or squirrel so that's the only thing to watch for.

Typical girl... likes mirrors. lol She gets along with Kaiser the little man. They go for walks together. She doesn't pay any attention to him and sometimes Kais has to remind her he is standing there by yapping at her when she just walks right over him. This is greeted with a little look and she moves on. Meal time is her favorite time of the day. This girl loves her food. She does get happy tail at times so this has to be watched. The walls can look like crime scenes. She's always a happy girl.

Monday March 13, 2017

Retirement is great!

Phoenix is a beautiful brindle girl. She is a decent sized girl no petite girl here. When I first met her in her crate she was super excited. Then later this weekend she meet a new person and was happy to make their acquaintance. She appears to never meet a stranger. She rode great in the car and knows up. She has been great in the kennel. She is very treat motivated so just tossing a treat in the crate and saying kennel she runs right in. She gets along with my greys and min pin. She is a little interested in the cat. She meet him while in her crate and she did great after a couple sniffs. We are going to work on cat exposure as we go. She is new from the track and needs some manners as far as counter surfing and trying to take people food. She loves to take toys to her kennel but is possessive. So she is only allowed the toy while in her crate. She sleeps great through the night and whines when she needs out which is around 6 am. Phoenix is a smiley girl. When she gets excited she bares her front teeth while slinging her tail about. It's very cute. She is a very sweet girl is pretty good with knowing her name and recall.

Phoenix has made herself at home. Fitting right in.

She was a little hesitant about the home made dog treat at first, but it turns out coconut oil and peaunt butter taste pretty good.

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