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Monday May 8, 2017

Not gonna pull a fast one on me!

Hello future family. Im a good roacher and my foster mom keeps trying to take a picuture of me sleeping with my legs in the air. I always know what she's up to and she's not going to pull a fast one on me. I got my eyes on her ! :)

Friday April 7, 2017

Feeling Fast

Hi Everyone. Feeling Fast here. I've been really enjoying retired life here in TN so far. My foster dad says I haven't been blogging as much as I should be. Whats blogging anyway? So much to learn.

I like hanging out on the back deck with my foster brothers.

Another great thing about foster life is these big cushy beds. They call them slumber balls. Slumber balls are the best!

My foster dad tells me I have this special thing about me that makes me completely adorable. He calls it an overbite. He says overbites are the best. When I get excited I chatter my teef together really quickly.. he says chattering is the best.

My foster dad says I have done really really well in the house. I don't complain about the crate when he goes to work. I run right in there when it is time to be fed, and I usually sleep through the night on a dog bed in his bedroom with the other hounds. Sleeping through the night is the best! Sometimes the other dogs wake my foster dad up in the middle of the night to go pee. I happily go outside with them. Peeing outside is the best!

Wednesday March 15, 2017

Cold Day, Warm Hound

He may have just come up from Sarasota, but Fast is oblivious to the cold. He's enjoyed sunning himself, despite the temperature and has even sampled some of the leftover acorns...he's decided they're no competition for his favorites...dessicated chicken feet.

He still prefers to go out with one of our other dogs and they wander the yard tandem. Reta the Brat has tried to entice him to run with her or at least play. He's still not sure what that's about.

Oh, and he's a bit of a watch dog...saw the neighbor's dog and barked 3 times. Bug guy knocked on the door and he barked twice. I'm not sure he knows why he's barking but it's okay with us.

Sunday March 12, 2017

Like the Overbite?

So Fast is a proud member of the community of greyhounds sporting an overbite. Happens sometimes. Doesn't mean anything and certainly doesn't interfer with his ability to gobble his food.

In the racing world a little thing like an overbite doesn't matter. All that's important is being fast. This Fast raced reasonably well at the Sarasota track, racking up 113 races, but as happens to all racing greyhounds, he eventually wasn't fast enough. Lucky us, 'cause this mild mannered boy is now available for adoption.

So far, he's done well...crating without a problem, getting along with the resident hounds, consistently taking care of his business outside. He still has lots to learn, like which way the storm door opens so he can come inside and that post-a-notes on the door mean don't run into the glass. Once he gets all the household basics down, he's going to be a superb pet.

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