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Tuesday February 21, 2017

Well, not quite all ears, but close!

The picture is a good description of me. I'm alert and aware of everything around me. I'm inquisitive, eager to try something new (like jumping into the back of the car), and want to be with my people/person. I adapt to new things and situations quickly, and am eager to please. The cat doesn't agree to that last, as she gets a lot of sniffing ;-D

Saturday February 18, 2017

Welcome Mensha

I've had a tough 4 days! Saturday I get delivered to my new group. I get shots, chipped, photographed, fussed over and sent home with my foster mom. Sunday I get hauled to the Winter Gathering, which was fun. I ran around with all the other dogs, got fussed over again by a lot of admirers and Mom got me some trachea chews! Monday we all rested, then this morning Mom takes me to the groomers for a bath. Wow, that felt good! Now I'm sleeping it off. Tough life.

Mom is getting me ready for a home visit Saturday. I've got lots of new stuff down, like loading into the car with just the "up" command. When we first started out, she had to put my front paws in the car, then boost me in :-D I'm working on stairs, but still cautious. Mom only has 3, so I jump those. She takes me to the courthouse so I get to use a staircase. I've learned to take treats gently from the hand, and I'm developing a real gift for being cute. The delights of being petted and ear rubs can't be overstated. I have good house manners, but need to be fed away from other pets, as I'm still adjusting to being a pet, not a track dog.

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