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Monday May 29, 2017


Got the chance to do some serious sunbathing today. The two-leggeds I'm staying with have these nifty cushions out on the deck that are just for us dogs. Of course, I always take the biggest one.

The other big news is I had some bites of watermelon for breakfast and an egg with my kibble supper. It was weird, though. They left the egg's hard, outside wrapping in my bowl. The other four leggeds here ate that, too. They even said it tasted like chicken! You can't trick me!

Saturday May 27, 2017

Great Day

What a fab day I had. Went to 100 Oaks for Meet and Greet and got to buddy up to all sorts of people. Of course, the other hounds were charmed with me, too. When I got home, they gave me a bully stick to work on in my crate and things got really quiet for a while.

When the people came back to let me out, I was still gnawing on my bully stick. Thunderstorms brewing, but they don't bother me except when they wake me up from a nap. Hey! Turn that down. I'm trying to sleep.

With my supper they did give me a couple of bites of red stuff that was juicy and sweet. Am hoping for more of that before bed.

Thursday May 25, 2017


So they put me in my crate with a treat and left for a couple of hours and I got bored and tried to let myself out. Somehow, I scratched my muzzle and put a nick in my ear.

Sheesh, you'd think a little ding was the end of the world, 'cause they put this stupid baby diaper on my whole head. What's with that? Do they think I'm going to poop through my ears? Must speak to management about this, esp. since I overheard the two-leggeds talking about putting my muzzle on me next time they leave me in the crate.

Thursday May 25, 2017

In the 'born

Had a fabulous afternoon at the Murfreesboro M&G today. The highpoint was meeting this two people. I liked them a lot and it seemed like they liked me. Fingers crossed for an application from them.

Friday May 19, 2017

Welcome Wes

I'm making myself at home here. My foster family says foster dogs on the furniture isn't usually allowed but I already had the habit so that gets me a pass. The two-leggeds here don't know it but this particular spot perfectly capture the maximum draft from the ceiling fan. That's me — clever boy!

Rumor is I'm heading fore Meet and Greet in Bowling Green tomorrow. It's at the Farmer's Market, so if the weather's bad, we're staying home. May also make an appearance at the Murfreesboro M&G.

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