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Thursday July 21, 2016

Thursday July 21, 2016

Where's Fly Girl?

My Name is Fitzy

I'm Itsy-Bitsy

Not ever Ditzy

I'm Really Nifty

Just Call Me Fitzy!

Hi everyone! Guess you know my name--it's Fitzy!!!

So I'm new to this retirement thing, and although racing didn't really agree with me, I know this being someone's best bud thing is going to agree with me just fine!!!!!

Look deep into my eyes-----you know you want to adopt me---

Just an ears up, ears down, kinda of gal. yep, that's me.

Foster Mom has told me she's very impressed with me as not only am I a young'un, I took to the wood & tile floors like a pro (they didn't even faze me); I slept ALL nite the first night on my bed at the foot of mom's bed; I'm a dainty yet voracious eater; go potty on command with just a little bit of coaxing, both on leash and off leash; take all the crazy noises in the house with no problem ( well, she hasn't tried the vacuum yet ); fit right in with the existing pack; and am learning to negotiate stairs.

Here's my first night "sleep pic"----aren't I just the cutest thing??? Slept all night, and into Sunday morning without the slightest stir or peep. Foster mom said that was really unusual!!! but in a good way- LOL

I'm really an alert dog, and love to play----that little black terrier dog was playing with a toy----I went running into the den to play with him. I really, really like him too!!! We went out walking on the leashes the other night and I wasn't too sure what to do at first, but then he said, "hey girl, just follow my lead" and I did and it was so much fun!!!! Now I know how to walk on a leash! yea! Just be patient with me as I am still learning.

This is me with my foster sis, Gail, just chillin' after that walk.

There's that little black dog that calls me "girl"!!! I like to chase him around and play with him....we have lots of fun......so I'm good with little dogs, too.

Guess What???? It was my birthday on July 19th--I turned TWO!!! And Guess What ELSE?????? It was my foster sister's Gail's birthday on July 19th too!!!!! She turned NINE *gasp*!!! How awesome is that----we have the same birthday!! We shared b'day ice cream with Puppy, too. (He got a birthday hat too, but in true terrior style, he pretty much tore it up!) Guess you can see my ice cream was gone before the other two really got going on theirs, yep, I'm what's known as a voracious eater!! HA

I think Gail was kinda not liking her hat so much. Oh well, she's kinda old after all---one of those "super senior" greyhounds. But she's really cool---she's showing me the ropes of how to be a pet since she's been one for 5 years now. She's told me it's the best thing ever and that soon I'll get my own forever home..... I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!

But me??? I was liking my party hat just fine-----see, I'm smiling!!!! Party on!!! It's your birthday, Fitzy, it's your birthday! 2 years old -- woo hoo

Foster Mom's notes: Fitzy will make someone a wonderful pet. If I was looking for a greyhound, this is the one I would adopt. She is sweet, smart, has joined our household without a problem, I think you could train her easily ( I have been working on "sit" and with time, she will learn it ), she isn't really shy but she will stand back from new people, wagging her tail until they call her to come over, I am teaching her not to "run out the door" but to wait until told to go "out", I don't really have stairs at my house--just two steps going out the back door---and she still approaches them cautiously but goes up and down with no problem. She does sleep through the night, she crates with no problem, she is a "stealer" of toys--bringing all the toys to her bed, and I did find my daughter's bedroom slippers in the pile but Fitzy has shown no interest in any other kind of shoes. She's young, active ( in the greyhound way-- a few romps around the yard or house, and then ready for laying around), is learning to walk on a leash, and has just taken to the life of a pet with ease and grace.

She's ready for her forever home, and the family that welcomes her into their pack will be very lucky indeed.

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