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Thursday August 3, 2017

Charlie is back and doing great

Charlie came back into the adoption program a couple weeks ago. He's need doing very well so far. He is very affectionate with people. He walks really well on leash and he listens and easily takes correction.

Sunday May 8, 2016

Charley and storm phobia.

The middle of last week we had a very "slight" rain storm and Charley did not handle it well. He was very worked up, panting and shaking. Above is a picture of him in his "thunder bunker". He hung out in there for a while before moving...

To the chair. He was so worked up I didn't make him move, since he began settling down there. Of course the rain started slacking off as well. It still took about two hours for his breathing to return to normal.

His phobia at this point seems to at least begin with the rain, as we've really not had any real thunder storms. I am curious and concerned as to how he would handle a really loud storm.

A note on Charley and chairs/couches...he gets on them. He knows what they are since he was likely allowed on them in his previous home. While I was redirecting him and removing him, after allowing him to stay in the chair during the storm, it seemed counterproductive to continually remove him if that is a place of comfort for him during storms. I will consult with other fosters and see if there is a way to enforce the no couch rule when it is not storming, he may however always revert to getting in the smallest chair posible during bad weather.

In the mean time here is a picture of his little stubby tail. ;)

Wednesday May 4, 2016

Charley, Charley, Charley.

Charley has basically been joined to my hip since day one. He had a rough few days.

He is storm phobic, so much so that even drizzly rain makes him very nervous. This can be managed with patience and consistency although it may never improve.

He is a snuggle and always wants to be where you are. He does, however, show some mild sleep startle that needs to be taken into consideration.

His house manners are wonderful, except for one thing...he gets on the furniture.

Charley was in a home for a while in Florida, so he must have picked up the habit there. We are working on correcting this behavior and teaching the comand "off", but he is being very stuborn about it.

Charley does have a few other quirks that I am still hoping will level off with a little time.

He was initially reactive to my cat's bell, after removing it he seems better, but is still more reactive than I would like when she starts tearing around the house. He has lived with cats before, so it just may be just the behavior of mine that is the problel. (Pixie-cat loves dogs and wants to play with them, and also enjoys sliding up and down the hallway in my house.)

He is improving, but still needs careful supervision.

Charley has done well on stairs, slick floors, and meeting new people. All in all he is a loving sweet boy who just has some quirks that need some consideration.

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