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Saturday February 20, 2016


I've had Greyhounds for 12 years now. Skills is hands down the easiest hound we've ever had in our house. She is also one of the sweetest.

She is fine left alone (with our other dogs) 8+ hours a day. She has never gotten into anything she shouldn't. No accidents at all. She loves to be loved on, but she is not one to follow you around the house and be pushy about it. She is friendly with everyone, including our mean little yappy terrier.

The person who adopts her will be so lucky. She is one of those special hounds that will make you fall in love with the breed forever.

Wednesday February 10, 2016

Snow, sleeping and more

Birdie got to Skills favorite bed first and she decided since it was "her bed" she was going to lay in it also.

She really likes to get small.

Skills is not a big fan of the snow. She goes out long enough to do a quick run and then do her business and then wants to be back in the house. She was very proud of herself this weekend. Saturday night all the dogs had a possum cornered near the house. It was relocated in the field behind the house. On Sunday I let her out and she ran to the back of the yard and came running back with the possum and brought it right up on the deck. She was so pleased but I was freaked out. She is still studying the bird and trying to figure out how to get at him but other than the living squeaky toy and the huge stuffed animal in the yard I have not noticed a prey drive in her. She is pretty much a near perfect dog.

Wednesday January 27, 2016

Skills is just the sweetest. She crates well. We feed her in the crate and close the door but don't latch it and she lays down until we come and let her out. If we forget she will let us know but it takes awhile. She has been accident free and will ask to go out. She did lots of zoomies in the snow but is hard to get out when it is raining. Skills is a super easy girl and is handling home life like a champ. She got to spend a day with a pit/lab mix and had a great time playing with him. She is just an overall happy loving girl.

Tuesday January 19, 2016

Fitting in

Skills is doing great. When she got here it was a little rough, she spotted the bird and had to learn that he was not a squeaky toy. She still looks at him with interest but is no longer jumping up to try and get him. The first night she wanted to play at bedtime and woke up several time during the night but the second night she went in and went to bed and never moved at all. She will follow but is not velcro. She is doing a little playing with toys and gets along with the resident hounds and the big boy we are sitting. She does not seem to be food motivate and has not finished several bowls of food. I made the mistake of jokingly calling her Skittles instead of Skills and now half the time that comes out instead of her name but she doesnt seem to mind.

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