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Sunday February 16, 2020


Hi there! I'm Iris, and foster mom and dad say I'm settling in nicely to my new foster home. I got comfortable here right away and like to play with my foster brother and sister. This picture is me in a playful pose!

I have had no issues knowing where to go potty and my appetite is great! Foster Mom took me to the 100 Oaks Meet and Greet yesterday and I was just as calm and sweet as can be. I love meeting new people and hounds!

One of my very favorite things is attention, and I love snuggling with foster mom and dad. I usually share this big chair with Foster Mom, but if she's busy doing other things, I have no issues making myself comfy!

This foster home isn't bad, but I can't wait to find a home of my very own!

Friday July 24, 2015


Sweet Little Iris. What a Pretty Girl that has a personality to match. I live close to a School and the band was playing. She was trying to figure out what was going on. She must have liked it. She stayed this way a little bit.

Wednesday July 22, 2015


Miss Iris is Precious and a Princess. This sweet little girls can't get enough attention. She is a kisser as well.

Monday July 20, 2015


Sleeping Beauty.

Friday July 17, 2015


Not sure what to think of the Boxers and them being so active. She played well. Its blurry but they were on the move. This sweet girl has had no accidents. Been crated long hours and been perfect. She has slept in the crate and on her bed in the bedroom and again perfect. She is an awesome little Girl. Wish I could keep Her.

Another one of them playing. She is so patient with the wild ones. I believe the white boxer has a little crush on her. She is very Pretty.

Tuesday July 14, 2015


This little Girl is the sweetest Baby ever. Sure is going to be hard when she is adopted. She is sleeping in the crate and is just fine. We will move to the bedroom soon. She goes in the crate and goes right down. She is eating in the crate. Hope someone adopts her soon she is Wonderful.

She is getting her nails dremeled. You can tell it really bothers Her. She went to sleep. She got to meet my nephew and was great with him. She wanted to kiss. him. He wasn't really wanting her to do that. lol.

Monday July 13, 2015


She loves the pink pig. She must love Pink.

She wants to be close. She is a Super Sweet Baby. If your looking for a lap dog she is the one for You.

This sweet Girl wants to be close and touching. She crated all night with no issues. Eats great. Rides Great. perfect on leash and stairs. Gets along with the other Greyhounds.

Sunday July 12, 2015


This Beautiful Girl is one of my favorite fosters. She is a Lovebug. She will be perfect in just about any home. Not a cat home. Check out her blogs in the next few days with More info.

Friday March 20, 2015


Miss Iris is collecting toys. She crates like a pro for 8 to 9 hours. She also crates at night. She stays laying down in the crate to you let Her out. She goes to the door when She needs to potty. She is so good. Will be Happy and Sad when she finds Her forever home. She is Awesome. Can't say enough good things about Her.

After collecting she needed a rest.

After Her rest She needed some Love. She is so affectionate.

Thursday March 19, 2015


Sorry the pictures is dark. This little Girl is a Cuddler. She stayed like this for a long time.

This is a little better picture. She is a Baby. All the toys are hers. We put them up and she get them out.

Wednesday March 18, 2015


This Sweet Baby found the couch. Guess she figured if the other hounds were on there she could as well. You are not supposed to let this happen. But she is just so cute and Sweet. Will hate to see this Sweet Girl go. She is a dream for a Foster. Can't find anything Bad about this Girl. She is the Perfect Package. She makes Me want a Girl.

This was last night. She is a collector. She had 9 toys on her bed.

Tuesday March 17, 2015


This is an Awesome Beautiful Tiny Calm and Patient Girl. Such a little Lady. She waits patiently to go outside to go in and out of the crate. She is so quiet you don't know She is there other than seeing Her. She has been sleeping in Her crate and is fine all night. That will change Wed. night. She will move to the bedroom. She is fine with Men and Women. She is a leaner and loves attention. Pretty sure she will let you hold her. Some Family will be so Lucky to adopt Her.

Sunday March 15, 2015


This sweet Girl is as Pretty as the Iris flower. She is calm. She is tiny. She is getting along with the Boys. She loves the toys. She found them very quick and had 4 on her bed. She loves attention. Had dinner in her crate with no problems.

Tuesday March 3, 2015

Quick Update

Sometimes Iris misses the bed. She's dedicated, and doesn't let that stand in the way of a good nap.

Earlier today, Iris and the resident hound Honey Bee had a close encounter of the (dumb/lucky) jack rabbit kind. This is the two of them giving their best "which way did he go" act.

Sunday March 1, 2015

What a Weekend!

The end of Iris's first week as a foster was very exciting! Thursday at the house saw an incident which required firemen and paramedics, which means lights, sirens, and lots of strange people in the house. Iris took it in stride, quiet in her crate and munching on a lamb's ear. (It turns out that Iris will do just about anything for a lamb's ear.) When we all finally made it back from the hospital late that night, she was patiently waiting to be let out of her crate. That night saw another upset in the routine, all hounds kicked out of the bedroom, but Iris settled right in to a dog bed in the dining room and slept her usual log-like sleep.

Stuffies are a good pillow. So is her foster sister's behind. I missed that picture because I was laughing.

On Saturday, Iris tried her first Meet 'N' Greet. She was great riding in the car (we still have a little work to do on getting in the car) and made it through the 100 Oaks parking lot like a champ. She spent a couple of hours showing off her reasonably good manners and adorable face. Iris is a leaner and a lover - she's happy to be scratched for as long as you can hold out.

One thing Iris is having trouble figuring out is her reflection. There's a dog she can see in the oven door who doesn't smell and won't look away. Fortunately that hound doesn't steal the bed, the food, or the attention, and those are the things that seem to matter most to this sweet hound.

Wednesday February 25, 2015

Learning About the Good Life

Iris is really starting to like life as a pet! She's very happy to go for a walk on leash, and she's learning that she should stand still next to you when cars are passing. There's so much to see and so much to smell, but she doesn't pull and she's not shy about taking care of business on leash.

Iris has also started exploring the yard. She and the resident hound enjoy bounding and playing follow the leader after each other. Iris has energy to play and romp, but settles down quickly after she comes back inside. She knows her name, and (mostly!) comes when called.

Iris has figured out that food lives in the kitchen. She realized that there was going to be a wait on dinner last night, and she patiently laid down. And then the resident hound squeaked a toy in the other room. That picture is just a brindle blur!

And after dinner, with her loaner PJs on, it's time to sleep. She keeps one ear up when she's sleeping. Maybe she's listening for her forever home?

Monday February 23, 2015

Iris's Big Day

Iris started her very big day at the Winter Gathering. She loved getting to meet all the people and getting all the petting and rubbing and skritches. Her first big challenge of the day was figuring out the really scary stairs out of the livestock hall. Up was okay, but down was a little scary. With some encouragement, and paying attention to her foster sister, she managed to get down and outside to the car. Another first? Entering a hatchback - we're going to practice that part. Once inside, she settled in quickly, and two hounds snored all the way home. Once at the new place, there were more stairs - oh no! But this time, Iris watched the resident hound on them, and after a few moments was able to walk up them. Then it was inside, for a whole new world of strange smells and soft things.

Soft things like stuffies! Especially this round pumpkin one - it rolls, and that makes it even more fun. Iris will toss it in the air and then chase it as it rolls around the floor. This picture is blurry because she was in constant playful motion! Iris has been very good about sharing, too. She's had no problem if the resident hound picks up a toy Iris's been playing with. Our house has a lot of squeaky toys, and Iris is content to play with one of the others.

Iris already has good leash manners, doesn't pull, and is comfortable taking care of business while I hang on to the other end of the leash. She's displayed a bit of a counter surfing habit, but we're working on it. She takes corrections on it very well, and there haven't been any incidents yet today. Iris slept well during the night on a bed on the bedroom floor next to the resident hound. She's got a great appetite, but hasn't been food aggressive at all - even when there's been some confusion about which dish belongs to what hound! She's being an excellent houseguest during her extended slumber party here. Are you ready to open your home to this sweet brindle girl?

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