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Craig & Ashlee Kaye

Friday January 4, 2019

Meet and greet 1/5/19

Resting up for tomorrow! Ready to meet ny potential new hoomans! Ill be at 100 oaks at 11.

Tuesday January 1, 2019

Sweet Boy

Today has been a great day for Freak. He is such a sweet and loving dog. His fear of hardwood floors is getting increasingly better. He is no longer slipping and sliding and has finally found his footing. He is getting more and more comfortable everyday. Today he decided to roach on the couch and watch a movie with me and the other 2 hounds. I am able to leave the house for a few hours and he just snuggles up either on the couch or on bed and sleeps. No exploring the house or getting into things he shouldn't. I have a doggy cam in my house and check in on all 3 and they are always snoozing like the old men they are.

His favorite spot to nap is next to his hound brother.

Saturday December 29, 2018

First days.

Freak (left) has been settling in really well. The first night he stayed mainly in his crate and was getting a feel for his surroundings. Now he has made himself right at home plopping down on the couch and napping. He has even started roaching! He is very loving and will lay right next to you and lay his head on your lap and go to sleep.

I can tell he is not used to hardwood floors as he is very cautious walking around on them, but he is getting used to them and adapting quickly. He has so much love to give and his energy level is great for romping around outside then coming inside to nap.

I have the cutest face!

Freak (right) and Frio are soaking up all the love from my niece.

Due to having some teethers pulled my foster mommy makes sure my food is extra soft for me. I love food.

Synchronized sleeping with my foster brother Frio.

I walked in on this and couldn't help but laugh. Freak is such a sweet boy and is so loving. He is really coming out of his shell and it's great to get to watch.

This morning we went outside and he does great on the leash. Immediately does his business. Doesn't pull or try to take off. We went for a nice walk with his foster brothers.

How can you not love this adorable face!

Today I went on a really long walk with the other hounds. I certainly have much more energy than they do. I lead the pack at the front. My foster mommy says I did pretty good on the leash given all the new smells and sights. An 11 year old girl was able to walk me without a problem.

I could have definitely went another lap


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