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Mary Catherine Bentley
In memory of Sadie Bentley

Ginger Winfrey
In memory of Cry Dash who was Arizona's long-time companion.

Foster Family

Virginia (Ginger) Winfrey

Wednesday October 30, 2019

Arizona in Nashville

Beginning her trip to Nashville. Arizona made the trip just fine. She was a little nervous but after a few days of major life changes (including being separated from her

long time fellow greyhound Dash) who wouldn't be?

After arriving to her foster home and meeting her 2 resident greyhound sisters Arizona found a bed to rest on. She has been in a home for 7 years and knows all about living in a house. She spent her first night sleeping through the night with no problems.

Arizona loves going for walks. Here we are walking on the greenway.

She spots a squirrel and very much wanted to give chase but when told no you can't do that she continued our walk with no problems. She was probably thinking "boy you sure know how to spoil a girls fun"

After going to her first meet & greet where she met lots of other greyhounds and people and got lots of attention Arizona came home ate lunch and spent the rest of the day resting with a toy.

Arizona with her foster sister Snuffy.

Arizona with both foster sisters enjoying being outside. .

So this morning I was " insisting" we go for a walk. FM said it was very cold and there was a wind chill and if we went for a walk I would have to wear a coat. FM said I look really pretty and she was going to post pictures of me in the coat.

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