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Mary Palagonia

Monday May 15, 2017

Playing with Toys

I don't play with toys too often, but when the mood strikes, WATCH OUT! (For, like, five minutes. Then I'm done.)

Sunday May 14, 2017

Dog Park!!!!

DOG PARK WE WENT TO A DOG PARK!! I was so excited and wasted no time making friends.

I eagerly approached everyone and got lots of pets. As usual, people told me I was a good boy and that I have a very soft coat. (Someone even called over his wife to pet me because I'm so soft!) I met lots of dogs and was polite to everyone. This dog park doesn't have a separate area for small dogs, so my trusty racing basket was on to make sure I didn't forget my manners around the chihuahuas and yorkies that were there. That's ok--it has my name across the top, so everyone could say hi to me!

No cats on the horizon... so far...

Ahh, back in the air conditioning. See you later!

Tuesday May 9, 2017

Playing Tag

It was such a nice day, I got to play outside with my foster sister, Leela. Leela and I haven't been on a racetrack in years, but we still LOVE to run! That means, though, that we have to wear our "baskets" (racing muzzles): fierce competition (and playing) + very thin skin = easy injuries. So, although I look incredibly angelic in these pictures, don't let me fool you! I need this for safety, because we REALLY like to play!

(In the video, I'm the better racer handsome hound dog in the white basket.)

Well, that's all the energy we can drum up today. We're heading inside for a nap!

Saturday May 6, 2017

First Meet & Greet

I went to my first Meet & Greet today and I had so much fun! I met lots of people and greyhounds, and, as you can see, I was all smiles.

People commented on how friendly I am and how incredibly soft my coat is. I was perfectly calm and social during our visit, and lulled my humans into not watching me very carefully, because...

I was quite pleased with myself. That family was very nice and put some more on his tray for me.

Thursday May 4, 2017

Welcome Shaddix!

Hi everyone, I'm back! I've been a very loved pet in a home for several years but my family's situation changed and they can't keep me anymore, and so we are looking for my next family!

I am pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. I have excellent manners at home and enjoy being around people. I will get on the couch or bed if you invite me, but I don't mind laying on the floor next to you. I really just want to be around you and to get some pets!

I'm very quiet and although I'm tall, I don't take up much space. I'm used to having a fenced backyard to run in but I do ok on leash walks as well. I'm used to being around little kids: my previous family had a toddler and they never worried about us being together. I'm fine being alone at home (crated or free-range) for long stretches of time. I can go up and down flights of stairs (carpeted or wooden) without any problems.

Not pictured: foster dad holding a treat

There is one thing I don't like, though: CATS. Or, I guess I like them a little tooooo much. That is my one requirement for a family--you must be cat-free! (or you will be soon)

My foster family has known me for several years and they've even baby-sat for me in the past. They love me very much, too, and have always said that if they got a second dog, it would be one just like me because I'm so calm, friendly, and well-behaved! I hope I get to meet you soon!

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