Adoption Testimonials

George Kittos

We adopted Falconi through GPA Nashville in November of 2014. He was being fostered by Andrea Vaughn, who had been the foster for our sister's adopted greyhound, Mexico, the year before. I guess that's how we got into the Greyhound world that we are now so deeply a part of.

After contacting GPA with our application and a few phone calls, we had a date set up for our home visit. When the day came for our home visit, we were excited. Falconi came over with another hound, but it didn't take long for him to win us over. To say he was outgoing would be an understatement! His excitement was infectious. Once he found his home with us, we started the process of learning each other...feeling each other out. Falconi, as a result of his upbringing and life before retirement, took time to really get comfortable with his new surroundings, lifestyle and family, and we started with a lot of exercising and training to build our trust and relationship with each other.

Being new to Greyhounds, we found a lot of support from our family with Mexico and our new friends at GPA Nashville. Attending the Meet and Greets is something we still do on occasion because the group of people are not only dedicated to these animals but are there to help with any questions and suggestions and are just a social bunch.

To anyone thinking about adding a Greyhound to their family, we would HIGHLY advise attending MULTIPLE Meet and Greets, talking with the owners, meeting the different dogs (because they all have their own personalities) and even attending a new hound haul if possible to see how they are when they first start their new retired lives. GPA has done such a good job supporting these dogs and bringing awareness to the public that retired Greyhounds are great pets that they are the perfect group to work with for bringing a Greyhound into your life.

Greg Klein

We couldn’t have had a better experience with our adoption. We had been talking about adding a dog to our house for quite a while since we both grew up with dogs as part of our family. A friend recommended checking out greyhound adoption and we started following the Facebook page and the blogs on the website. We attended a few meet and greets and really enjoyed talking to the diverse group of volunteers about greyhounds and the adoption process. Everyone we talked to was very knowledgeable and very excited that we were considering adding a hound to our home. As the time for a home visit approached, we were both quite nervous about how it would go and if we would get a dog or not. In the end, the toughest part of it was trying to decide which dog we wanted since they were all loving sweethearts.
We got Ty at the end of January and he has been the ideal addition to the family. He’s a big, goofy, happy hound that is always ready to make a new friend. Ty loves going to meet and greets and playing ambassador for adoption.
We received follow up calls and emails asking about his progress and also joined the Yahoo group as another way to stay in touch. Along the way, we’ve met many great people we now consider friends.
A few months after adopting Ty, we adopted Briley because one hound is never enough. Because our experience with GPA has been so rewarding, we just recently started fostering a hound with the hopes that she can find a forever home and make them as happy as we are with adoption.

Greg & Randall

Natalie & Joshua East

The greyhound. Neither of us had ever heard of, nor physically seen the breed until we had the pleasure of visiting with a friend's 8 year old retired racer. A few hours later, we were bound and determined to have a grey of our own. The process of adoption was super simple, and everyone involved with GPA-Nashville was warm and inviting, and answered every question we had. Our home visit was quickly scheduled, and dogs were brought that were small dog safe, as we have 2 smaller dogs as well. It was very comforting to know that we did not have to necessarily worry about our current boys being in danger with the new greyhound. The hardest part of adoption for us was having to choose between our two home visit dogs. However, we couldn't have chosen better, and we got to visit with the other dog at the most recent Winter Gathering! It hasn't always been easy, as nothing is, but adopting a greyhound has brought nothing but joy into our home. Hearing them roo when we get home, watching them run and play in the yard, and having them want to cuddle with you are all things that will make you smile, or melt your heart. Likewise, adopting a greyhound has introduced us to so many wonderful people around the WORLD, many of which we consider close friends whom we would have never met without adopting. You truly join a family when you make a grey part of yours. Two greyhound adoptions later, we love nothing more than exposing the breed to people and being ambassadors to the retirement of these awe inspiring animals. So go ahead and adopt already . . . It will be the GREYTEST choice you make!

Travis & Laura Lutz

When my husband and I decided to adopt through GPA Nashville, we had no previous experience with greyhounds. We had heard great things about the breed and found them all to be true... and more! GPA helped us through every step of the adoption process and were very patient with all our questions. During the home visit, the GPA volunteers helped educate us about breed-specific health and safety facts. We own a cat, and the rescue took extra care to pair us with a dog who had been cat tested and helped us monitor the initial introductions during their visit. Since adopting Paul, GPA representatives have been available to answer any questions we've had and have periodically checked in to make sure everything is going smoothly. We are so grateful for all the support we have received and for everyone who worked so hard to find us the perfect greyhound! Paul is the sweetest dog we've ever had, and it has been so much fun watching his personality develop as he transitions from an athlete to a companion.