Welcome to Greyhound Adoption

Welcome to Greyhound AdoptionBringing a greyhound into your home is a commitment and a decision to be carefully considered and researched. Adoptable greyhounds typically are three-four years old and can live to be 12-14. That means your hound could be a member of your family for 10 years or more. So take a realistic look at your life and consider where you’re likely to be next year, in five years or in seven years.

Some of our Requirements to adoption:

  • All members of the household must want to adopt a retired racing greyhound, and be present for the homevisit.
  • Retired GreyhoundRequired reading, available at the GPA/N Online Store: Adopting the Racing Greyhound or Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies and, if the applicant has children under 7 years, Child-Proofing Your Dog or Living with Kids and Dogs without Losing Your Mind must have been read, understood and taken seriously.
  • The commitment to keep a greyhound as an indoor, family companion only is agreed upon and understood.
  • Agreeing to keep your greyhound on leash or in a fully fenced area at all times.
  • Keeping up to date ID tags, including the tag provided by GPA/N, on your greyhound at all times.
  • Providing GPA/N with current contact information and allowing us to follow up regarding your greyhound's well-being, including an in-person visit, should GPA/N feel it is necessary.

Also read our "Things to Know" section

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